Frequently Asked Questions

iViewer was developed to allow users to monitor locations remotely by providing access to surveillance camera video right on their iOS or Android handheld device.

iViewer enables users to view live streaming video from multiple cameras managed by professional CMS VAST, free VMS ST7501, and VIVOTEK NVR at anytime, anywhere.

The iViewer app provides a powerful mobile surveillance tool that enhances security by providing administrators the flexibility to monitor and detect suspicious activities in real time even when they are physically away from a site.

We are sorry you might need to reset the device to make it back to its default settings. You can achieve that purpose by using a probe to click the reset button inside the reset hole for a while. Once the LED shows POST after two iterations, you can release the reset button and login without password authentication. (we don't have default password).

There are two parameters in the motion detection settings: Threshold and Percentage. Pixel difference between two continuous images are calculated and compared to the parameter value "threshold." If the difference is larger than the threshold, this pixel is marked as "alerted". The processes will be done for all pixels in the motion detection window.

A higher sensitivity will detect slow movement more easily while a low sensitivity will only detect fast movement.

If the percentage of the "alerted" pixels is larger than the parameter value "percentage," the window will be indicated as motion occurred. A low percentage will detect objects that are smaller relative to the window size and a high percentage will only detect objects that are larger relative to the window size.

In the example, the pixels that are different from the first image and the second image are found (highlighted boxes). Each of these pixels is compared with their corresponding pixel in the other image and if the difference between the two pixels is greater than the chosen threshold, which in this case is 30%, the pixel is marked as "alerted." If more than the chosen percentage of pixels are "alerted," or in this case 30%, motion detection will be triggered.