Feature Articles

Camera Link

  • Inter-camera communication to capture more details
  • Cybersecurity for IP Surveillance Devices

  • Cybersecurity for IP Surveillance Cameras & Trend Micro IoT Security Solutions
  • Panoramic Surveillance

    Parking Violation Detection

  • AI-Powered Video Analytics of Vehicle Detection
  • Restricted Zone Detection

  • Advanced Video Analytic of People Detection
  • Smart Motion Detction

  • Precise Detection of People Activities
  • Smart IR

  • VIVOTEK Smart IR technology automatically adjusts IR lighting intensity and ensures that the camera captures usable video in dark conditions, even when the object of interest is located close to the IR LEDs
  • Smart IR II

  • Highly Uniform, Consistent Brightness and the Clearest Night Views Ever
  • Smart Stream

  • Better Video Quality with Lower Bandwidth
  • Smart Tracking Advanced

  • AI Technology for Moving People Tracking
  • Smart VCA

  • AI-Powered Video Analytics on Edge
  • SNV (Supreme Night Visibility)

  • VIVOTEK's SNV technology makes high-quality full-color surveillance video possible under low-light conditions
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

  • Wide Dynamic Range extends image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improves object identification in critical surveillance scenarios
  • Wi-Fi Access Camera Installation

  • Easy Installation of VIVOTEK Cameras with Wi-Fi Access