Video Surveillance

Network Audio Solution

Network Audio Solution

VIVOTEK Network Audio Solution has completely integrated with our VMS software – VAST 2. A variety of VIVOTEK cameras offers users the optimal and most suitable camera for monitoring purposes that can set specific video analytic detection events and synchronize VIVOTEK audio devices via VAST 2. This can apply in diverse situations to improve security on your premises, properties, and restricted zones with event-triggered announcements and call out directly, providing an intelligent surveillance solution for reducing management costs.


    Automated Triggered Audio Clips
    Loitering Time Alerts
    Audio Alerts for Obstruction
    Deter Crime and Safeguarding

System Architecture

    Broadcast via VAST 2

    Support manual broadcast on VAST 2 live view

    Full Integrate with VAST 2 Alarm Management

    Support broadcast audio file automatically when VAST 2 alarm management is triggered

    Parking Violation Detection

    In today’s busy cities, traffic congestion is a very annoying problem, especially at passenger pickup locations like bus and train stations and the airport. In order to reduce the number of illegally parked cars while also reducing labor costs, VIVOTEK offers our Parking Violation Detection and Network Audio solution. If a car is illegally parked, it can instantly notify the surveillance command and trigger the preset alarm event announcements or call out directly.

    Restricted Zone Detection

    Many sensitive areas, such as cleanrooms, data centers, or food processing require a set of conditions to be met before entry. These requirements could be for a variety of safety or security reasons. In order to ensure that people follow the correct entry guidelines, VIVOTEK provides you with Restricted Zone Detection. This solution can be used in managing facilities, controlling tourist flow in parks, and as a form of perimeter protection. This is an excellent tool for increasing safety and security.

    Smart Tracking Advanced

    Smart Tracking Advanced is a state-of-the-art technology with intelligent people tracking and Video Content Analysis (VCA), designed to improve the performance of tracking objects via PTZ IP cameras. Going even further, it covers four types of VCA detectors - intrusion detection, line crossing detection, loitering detection, and face detection. Through user-defined rules, a person portraying hazardous behavior, such as intrusion into a prohibited area or crossing past a boundary line, would trigger preset alarms. Automatic tracking of the person of interest, optimizing the recording video quality, notifying security personnel all activate, and triggering the preset alarm event announcements simultaneously. With Smart Tracking Advanced and Network Audio Solution, we are taking seamless security one step further.

    Smart VCA

    The on-board Smart VCA suite includes 8 advanced video analytics, providing smart-edge cameras the ability for advanced accuracy in people and object detection. It is easily configurable to meet diverse user application requirements, achieve intelligent surveillance. And fully integrate the Network Audio solution via VAST 2, completing your security demand.

    •   Intrusion Detection
    •   Loitering Detection
    •   Line Crossing Detection
    •   Unattended Object Detection
    •   Missing Object Detection
    •   Face Detection
    •   Crowd Detection
    •   Running Detection


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