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Comprehensive Surveillance for Financial Institutions

Banking and financial institutions require surveillance at a level beyond other industries. Since banks accept deposits and provide loans to individuals and businesses, they play a greatly important role in financial stability and the economy of a country. It goes without saying that surveillance and security of banks is critically important. VIVOTEK has the solutions to safeguard banks of all sizes, from discreet hidden cameras to redundant backup recordings to facial recognition technology.

Wide Camera Selection

VIVOTEK provides a wide assortment of network cameras ideal for banks. With various housing options, multiple resolutions up to 4K HD, indoor and outdoor options, IR illuminators and WDR Pro ensure high quality video is always documented. Our line of LPR cameras can also be utilized at banks with drive through tellers and ATM's.

Trend Micro Cybersecurity Protection

VIVOTEK is the world’s first network surveillance solution manufacturer to cooperate with world-renowned cybersecurity company, Trend Micro. Through network cameras and NVR's armed with Trend Micro's anti-intrusion software, VIVOTEK brings high security and robust network surveillance to secure property and protect data.

Designed for Banking

The VIVOTEK VC9101 is an incredibly discreet camera, specifically designed for ATM surveillance. With 4MP pinhole or 5MP fisheye lens options, the VC9101 can be custom mounted in ATM's. VC9101 also includes Face Check, which uses peoples faces to trigger recording, ensuring there is video evidence of all ATM transactions.

The CC9160-H(HS) is another ingenious camera, specifically designed for banking. Appearing like a standard height strip, it actually contains a hidden 2MP 180° panoramic camera. CC9160-H(HS) captures images of patrons exiting the bank at eye level, even capturing faces of people wearing hats.

Facial Recognition Access Control

VIVOTEK VAST Face Facial Recognition solution utilizes facial biometrics for access control. Through facial recognition, VAST Face ensures that only approved employees can access specific areas such as the bank vault. The FT9361-R facial recognition tablet can be used to scan both employee faces and access control cards, requiring dual authentication for even greater security.

Powerful Recording Solutions

Banks and financial institutions require dependable recording solutions to protect critical video evidence. VIVOTEK NR series NVR's are built on the powerful performance of Intel CPU's. They come in 32-channel and 64-channel options, with 8x hot swappable HDD bays, to support banks of all sizes. Best of all, VIVOTEK NR series NVR's come equipped with VAST 2 CMS inside, fully integrated with all VIVOTEK products.

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